You Can Try These 4 Easy Ways To Clean Your Windshield Correctly

The windshield has a very vital role in your car. Without the glass, of course, the wind will interrupt the cabin and make it difficult for drivers to keep the focus of the foresight. In addition, the glass also works for security. If there is no glass, then many objects can enter directly into the cabin, and also invite crime when there is valuable luggage that you live in the car. However, if the worst-case scenario happens and your windshield is damaged, we suggest you take your car to the certified Windshield Repair company near your area.

Apart from its vital role, the cleanliness of the glass is also very necessary. But if you don’t have a lot of free time to clean it, or don’t have time to take your car to the car wash, here are 4 easy ways you can do yourself at home.

1. Clean the windshield from dust that sticks with a glass cleaning cloth or ordinary cleaning cloth. After cleaning the windshield with a cleaning cloth, pour water into the windshield until all the corners are exposed to water including the corners of the glass which are sometimes difficult to clean.

2. Use the special liquid for glass cleaner. It should be noted that not all windshields are compatible with one glass cleaning product, because windshields have their own types so the cleaning liquid is different. Then, mix the cleaning fluid with the water in the provided place.

3. Use a glass cleaner sponge or foam to clean the glass. Rub on the windshield slowly and regularly so that all corners of the glass exposed to a mixture of cleaning fluid with water.

4. After feeling enough, rinse the windshield with water sprayed to all parts of the glass. If there are some parts of the glass that have stains such as mildew, clean it with car windshield cleaners that are dedicated to removing mold on the windshield.

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