Women’s Eyelash Extensions

Women’s eyelash extensions have been around since at least the time modern eyelash wigs appeared. And in more recent years, they’ve become a bigger and bigger part of the fashion world’s palette of options for women’s eye color. But the use of eyelash extensions remains a relatively new treatment option for women.

So why have these eyelash extensions suddenly become so popular? Well, with one season like 2011, it’s impossible to write the dozens of glowing reviews about the benefits of women’s eyelash extensions that just haven’t come about yet. Instead, let’s take a look at the treatments themselves and ask ourselves: are they really for eyelash thinning or are they part of a larger, cosmetic fix?

Like most beauty products that don’t pry-heim shrink or curl the eyelashes to a significantly smaller size, women’s eyelash extensions cater to an enormous market. hoped extension, its popularity probably owes itself to two factors: the Show Business Boys: a long list of celebrities, athletes and show people have been known to use them to help their already beautiful eyes stand out more.

And it’s hardly a secret: products that are used to make you go up a notch look like James Bond or a specific kind of TV character are pretty addictive. So is the idea that they’ll make you a sex god, a Madonna-esque sex goddess, a queens-bane Hathaway-type ( Britney Spears , you’ll hear her singing this one) or a wannabe Spears look-a-like. In other words, they’re undeniably appealing to an extent that makes everybody want to give them a shot.

Is an immediate opt for women’s eyelash extensions the right decision? Probably not. Because there are hardly any benefits to these beyond their aesthetic value. Extensions for beauty are like an injection of your personality. But there are no cure-all. So even though it’s self- injecting experience; the needle will not produce a set of enhancements that stretch your lashes longer or make them look stronger or eyelash-curlier. That needle will simply be a waste of money.

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