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The Danger of Dirty Carpet

The carpet is often used to provide its own color for the room. The colors and shapes that vary, are easily removed and replaced make the carpet has an appeal so that the room feels warmer and elegant. The material is soft, soft and comfortable making many people more spoiled by the use of carpets. We can find various forms of carpet in homes, especially in rooms and living rooms. Besides that, carpets are often found in hotels. Its function is as a base, of course, the carpet is often trampled. This makes the carpet a den of dust and bacteria, especially if you have pets at home, then it is likely that bacteria will accumulate more and more. You can use the service from Sears Clean.

Most carpets in the house, become a den of harmful bacteria and germs such as Escherichia coli and bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia. But often homeowners are not aware of it. Carpet cleaning is not done routinely. Based on the results of the study the source of all these harmful bacteria and germs is because nearly 40 percent of residents of the house step on the carpet using footwear that they also use outside the home. Not only that, the study says that 1 in 5 people make the carpet as a mat. Sometimes the carpet can look clean from the outside, when in fact many bacteria are lodged in the carpet.

If you do not want a variety of bacteria and viruses alight on the carpet, then clean the carpet regularly. Cleaning the carpet can be done at least 2 days. Especially if the carpet is stained, you should immediately wash the carpet. So, bringing the carpet to be cleaned at the Sears Clean needs to be done so that cleaning can be done thoroughly. Our washing service can serve all kinds of carpets and clean them cleanly without making the carpet texture damaged.