Knowing The Characteristics Of Fake Accounts

Today’s social media has become a part of the lifestyle. Communities use social media as a means to share important moments in their lives. Not only that, but social media can also be used as a mean of sharing news and knowledge so that it can add information or benefit those who read it. On the other hand, the development of social media is also followed by the trend of fake accounts. In general, this fake account usually refers to an account that does not use the account owner’s original data or identity such as name, photo, address, etc. If you find a fake id for sale and similar things in real life, social media sometimes are also abused by certain people.

Fake accounts are often used on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, chat services, and other social media accounts. There are several reasons or motives underlying an individual using a fake account in social media. Firstly, they want to monitor or know the activities of others because they will feel safer if they use fake accounts to reduce the risk of being found out. The second reason, fake accounts are sometimes made for pleasure or just as entertainment.

Thirdly, fake accounts are made to direct public opinion. In this case, fake accounts are usually made by groups, organizations or individuals who have certain interests. This type of fake account will be used by the perpetrator when busy politics are busy. It is not few that contain various kinds of information continuously on social media about religion, ethnicity, race and class with the aim of herding public opinion as desired on the perpetrators of fake accounts.

Fake account users usually do not have photos with friends and family. Fake account users never have close conversations with close friends. Fake account users will not dare to meet in person. The owner of a fake account on social media can be more dangerous than what you think or imagine.

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