How To Choose A Condo Based On Its Location

Today, many people prefer a condo than an apartment or hotel to stay. However, you should know a few things when choosing a condo, such as how to choose a condo based on its location. Well, one that can be a recommendation is the Dairy Farm condo. With a strategic location and all the attractive offers, you can get a condo that suits your wishes.

Previously, here’s how to choose a condo based on its location.

1. Investigate the occupancy level of hotel occupancy at the intended location.

The main income from a condo is occupancy or occupancy. Typically, condos that have big names have a high occupancy rate.

Also, pay attention to the density of hotels and similar condos that are around the location. The number of hotels or condos in one location, the more tightly the competition for occupancy.

2. Pay attention to the offer of profit-sharing offered by the developer.

Condo profits are distributed over different periods. Some are per month, per quarter, up to per year. Usually, benefits are given around 1-2 months from the calculation period.

You also have to consider various income taxes and know very well the range of net benefits you will get.

3. Condo investing, you should pay attention to the risks that might occur.

For example, depreciation or decline in furniture prices. Especially for furniture depreciation and room renovation. For that, you must be careful in calculating the profit and expense ratio of maintenance costs.

4. Reduce emotional factors when choosing a condo.

That is, you must remain oriented to the profitability factor. Do not let you have to pay hundreds of millions of instalments for years just to enjoy a few days in a year, while the return is low.

5. Keep considering other investments and choose those that provide risks, returns and characteristics that best suit your needs.

6. Maintaining your cash flow allocation.

This work is done if you have already bought a condo. Also, make sure your cash flow stays positive.

The main income from a condo is occupancy. Because of this, there are several favourable location conditions for investing in a condo. For example in the business centre or tourist attractions.

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