Homeowners Can Try These Tricks To Solve Overload Toilet Problems

Who would have thought it was a baking soda that is often used to make cakes can also be used to overcome a full toilet because it is blocked by various types of impurities. In fact, this material can also be a very effective way of cleaning squat toilets and sitting. Additionally, if your toilet is heavily damaged, we suggest you hire the trusted plumber Columbia SC.

The trick is also very easy, namely by putting two glasses of coarse salt into the toilet hole. Then add one glass of baking soda evenly. And the last is to pour about 2 liters of hot water that has just boiled slowly.

Then you need to wait for about 7 hours and the toilet should not be used. After enough then flush with water slowly then repeat with a faster force. Now in a few minutes, the toilet will make a loud noise and this is a sign that the toilet is normal and can be used.

In addition, plastic wrap or plastic that is usually used to wrap food and fruit in supermarkets can also be used to overcome a full toilet. You only need to buy a few plastic wrap rolls as needed. Make sure the plastic has never been used so that it can stick properly.

The trick is to cover the toilet with plastic wrap. Use several layers until strong when exposed to water pressure that is hard enough. After that flush the toilet with fairly high speed and strength. Rising water pressure on the plastic wrap will drop back down quickly. That way all the dirt will go into the toilet and the toilet can be used again normally.

Apart from that, you can also use microbial decomposing powder. Nowadays there are many microbial decomposing liquids that are specifically used for latrines. This liquid can be put directly through the toilet hole and all microbes will try to break down the dirt so that the volume of impurities will decrease over time.

The way this medicine works is that microbial decomposing powder can be put into a toilet pit and then flushed with plain water. After that, the toilet should not be used for approximately 5 hours. During this time all microbes will try to produce good bacteria.

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