Coffee Lovers Need To Know More About French Press And Chemex

A French press is a tool that is widely used to brew coffee in homes. The simple design and easy use, of course, makes the French press as a favorite coffee brewing tool. Moreover, at an affordable price, of course, it will not make your hole perforated. You don’t need to waste too much money to buy this tool. Meanwhile, you can go to if you need the best coffee maker for your morning coffee.

How to use it is quite easy. First, remove the filter or plunger from the kettle, then put the coffee powder into the kettle, then pour hot water about 90 degrees Celsius. Then close the kettle again, let it sit for about 4 minutes. Too fast can cause flavors to become thin, while too long can cause coffee to be too bitter. Only afterward, can you pour the coffee into a cup to enjoy?

Apart from that, you can also try Chemex. This tool was first created by an American living in Germany, named Dr. Peter Schlumbohm Ph.D. in 1941. Elegant design and easy use made Chemex excellent and succeeded in making it displayed in famous museums around the world.

To use Chemex, you just need to put filter paper (filter) on it, then put the coffee grounds. After that, slowly pour hot water and wait for the coffee extract to drip from the filter.

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